Principal - Peter Dawson

Peter Dawson is a Canberra business consultant and writer who came from the corporate sector to serve in the Australian Trade Commissioner Service, in the federal trade and industry portfolios and in government procurement policy before setting up his consulting practice.

Early in his career, as Director of the Offsets Program he built linkages between Australian and global companies in the aerospace, defence and electronics sectors. He was awarded a Senior Executive Service Fellowship and undertook the Executive Development Program at Cornell University, USA. Peter’s experience in global technology markets and in facilitating export activities by small-to-medium sized companies (SMEs) gave him an excellent platform from which to facilitate the growth of Canberra companies into Australian and global markets.

Peter gained significant experience in the management and commercialisation of government services as founding National Director of the Australian Protective Service, which he led it for six years with 1000+ staff nationally.

Peter was the first Chairman of the International Business Taskforce of the Canberra Business Council and chaired the ACT Branch of the Australia Indonesia Business Council for two terms. His consulting work for World Bank agencies and AusAID in Indonesia has encompassed SME development, investment policies and programs, export development and regional development strategies. Peter promoted and helped to facilitate the first ACT Trade Mission to Indonesia in 2013. He is fluent in the Indonesian language.

Working with Business and Governments
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